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Who are we :

Our company Desert-Tree Intl is based in Luxembourg. 

We are manufacturer of the tobacco-hydrostone, and the ORIGINAL manufacturer of the LEAF SHAPE Hydrostone.

This shape was originally developed by us for a Belgian tobacco manufacturer in 2007.

We know there are other companies who claim to have developed this shape, alas for them, close but no cigar, we are the one and only.

The name tobacco-hydrostone is a registered trademark owned by Desert-Tree Intl sarl.

Country of Origin :

We manufacture the hydrostone in Thailand.

MATERIAL used for production of the hydrostone :

We use a mix of 4 different clays, so we have the best absorption ratio for humidifying dried tobacco/herbs.

SGS Tested & Food Grade :

The hydrostone is 100% natural, is SGS tested, and have all the necessary EU and FDA certificates as a food grade product. (meaning the hydrostone can be 

in direct contact with foods, a.o. tobacco)

The hydrostone has also been viguurously tested by university KU Leuven, Belgium - Chulalongkorn University Bangkok, Thailand - Chemiphar Belgium

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